Smart Series Record Tutorial

Smart Series Record (SSR) is now available on most STRONG DVR models; SRT 5492, SRT 5495, SRT 5495A, SRT 5495T, SRT 5498, SRT 6100, SRT 7000 & SRT 7014 So what is SSR?SSR is the ability to record an entire series of a set program, as opposed to setting a timer every day/week. Once you have selected a program in the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) you simply select the Blue Button to start a SSR (in the case of SRT 5498 press the Series Record button on remote).

SSRWhat is the benefit of SSR?
If the program you wish to record is normally on a Wednesday night at 7:30pm and suddely changes one week to Thursday at 8:30pm your DVR will still record it. If it is not on for a few weeks, it will automatically start recording once it becomes available again, regardless of day or time. What are the limitations of SSR?
If the Networks do not broadcast the change in the EPG your DVR will not automatically pick up the changes. If the broadcasters update the start or end time of your program once the initial recording is set or has already begun to record, it will not update the recording time. How do I get SSR on my DVR?
Some models (SRT 5498 & SRT 7000) already have it loaded. If you own an older version (listed above) you can Download the new software version, here.