DVR & BluRay Players

Crammed with features and coming from a leading name in HD digital television tech, BluRay players & Digital Video Recorders from STRONG offer an exceptional entertainment experience along with smart connectivity in one sleek, reliable package.

Incredibly easy to install, each of our Digital Video Recorders & BluRay players gives any TV, including older analogue TVs access to the full range of digital television channels. They also come with recording capability, an inbuilt electronic program guide to help you plan your TV viewing and a generous amount of hard disc space; allowing you to build up a library of your favourite movies and shows and ensuring you won’t miss a thing. Strong's DVR and BluRay Players are MPEG4 allowing access to ALL free to air channels.

Offering you the convenience of a Multi-Region BluRay player and DVR player (SRT 6500) in one unit, or Digital Video Recorder (SRT 7014) you can pause and rewind live TV, access video, photos and music via the USB port and get the full scintillating experience of a premium quality HD movie experience. Click on our DVR or BluRay players to find out more.

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