HD Media Players

All strong HD media players come integrated with Netflix, essentially offering a limitless supply of movies and tv shows straight to your living room.

Get a truly connected entertainment experience the easy way from a leading name in HD digital television with HD media players from STRONG. Think the best streaming services are out of bounds for your older analogue TV? Think again. Each of our models comes preloaded with Netflix, not to mention granting you direct access to the Google Play Store for the latest apps, movies and games.

With each of our media players, you can access HD movie content and enjoy multimedia files, including photos and music via the USB port or Micro SD card reader. The Rock Box 2 media player even comes with a built-in microphone, making it perfect for Skype calls.

Click on our STRONG media players for the smartest way to turn your TV into an all-in-one media centre today.

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