5.8Ghz Audio Video Sender & Receiver - *SOLD OUT

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    SRT 122
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The SRT 122 is a dual input Audio Video Sender and Receiver; this allows you to input two devices at once, which can then be watched via the receiver on any other TV in the house; in essence a multi room receiver. The Kids can watch a DVD or DVR in their bedroom/ lounge room while you watch the Football in  another room. No need to move the units. Using the built in infrared remote extender you can even use the DVD or DVR remote to change channels.

The Strong AV Send offers many features; the higher less crowded frequency of 5.8Ghz reduces interference from Home Wireless Networking and cordless phones, it transmits vivid video and Hi Fi quality sound, small yet stylish design makes it easy to palce on or near your TV. You can connect various sources: Foxtel, DVD, Camcorder, Digital Set Top Box, to any receiving device; TV or Monitor.


  •     Dual Source Input
  •     5.8Ghz Frequency
  •     Low Profile
  •     30m Radius
  •     7 user selections for use with more than one device
  •     Built in Infra Red Remote control extender


  •     Composite/ RCA
Audio/Video IN/OUTPUT
Audio/Video Input Composite/RCA
Frequency Range 5.8GHZ

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